ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Spiritual Hierarchy & Authority, Part 24

Last week we talked about the seven nations and Israel’s failure to overcome them. Each of those nations represented different ruling spirits — kosmokrator, if you will — whose total existence was purposed to defeat the plan of God in the Earth. Just because Israel failed in the natural to overcome doesn’t mean that somehow throughout the ages, those wicked spirits have gone away.

March 30th, 2018|2018, ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK:|

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Spiritual Hierarchy & Authority, Part 21

As we get underway today, let me share just a tiny bit of something I watched unfold in person when the Lord took me back into the Garden. I watched the temptation unfold, and I saw into Adam’s thoughts and his spirit. I also saw into the thoughts and motives of the Serpent . Hopefully, this bit of sharing will be as revelatory for you as it was for me.

March 9th, 2018|2018, ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK:|