12 04, 2019

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 7

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The Spirit of Rejection has contaminated the lives of so many believers that it is sometimes hard to calculate the damage done to their lives because of how they have reacted.   We live in a society which has become evil to degrees that none of us could have conceived in our wildest imaginations. The wickedness that has abounded in this era has so infected our nation and the world that it affects the ways in which people respond one to another. Offenses are common. People receive commentary from other that they perceive as insulting, whether real or imagined. What used to be rational, reasoned behavior has become so agenda-driven that many (and this is more than evident in the political realm) have become blinded by their own self-imposed positions.

5 04, 2019

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 6

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One of the biggest doors that people have opened up in their lives is rejection. This is a spirit that is part of the family of The Fear of Death, and a companion to The Fear of Man. It has many tenets to it and manifests in different ways. That door can open in a person’s life if they have been mistreated by a parent during their growing up years, or experienced some traumatic event at the hands of a friend or relative.

29 03, 2019

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 5

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When we wrapped up last week, we were talking about the fact that so many Christians are reluctant, or outright afraid of dealing with evil spirits and addressing them. They believe that “that’s only for really spiritual people” or maybe even that “that was only for Jesus and the apostles.”   Whatever happened to the concept of “Christ in you, the hope of Glory?” Whatever happened to Jesus’ prayer in John 17? Do you not think that His prayer is answered?  Consider what He prayed.

22 03, 2019

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 4

2019-02-23T02:34:21+00:00March 22nd, 2019|2019, ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK:|

All we did last week was to scratch the surface in dealing with the camouflage and concealment that evil spirits use to make us think that what we are dealing with is our own personalities. I never got to describing how in certain photos (which I have shared in our fellowship, but not in these Coffee Breaks), the objective was to demonstrate the fact that evil spirits often hide themselves in objects — just about every object you can think of — and in some cases the most unlikely things. Missionaries often come back from countries where witchcraft and superstition reign supreme.

15 03, 2019

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 3

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During the past five decades of dealing with deliverance, I have come to realize that the Enemy hides himself and his characteristics in so many ways that folks just don’t realize that what they are dealing with is an evil spirit (or spirits). These spirits conceal themselves within a person’s character or makeup to the degree that they actually believe that whatever is taking place in them is “normal.”

8 03, 2019

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 2

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My first exposure to Derek’s Prince’s ministry on Deliverance was revelatory, to say the least. As he was teaching, he mentioned having to deal with a person who was afflicted with an “accident-prone spirit.”   Just like that, something leaped inside of me, and I knew that an enemy that had tormented me for most of my life had been exposed. Insurance companies have a category that they label as “Accident Prone.” It is the result of folks having multiple accidents over a period of years, and a pattern that continues on and on and on.

1 03, 2019

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Deliver Us From Evil, Part 1

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It is coming up on 50 years since I was first introduced to the ministry of Deliverance by Derek Prince. In those 50 years, what I have learned and what I have seen has opened my eyes to a realm of Jesus’ ministry that is still greatly misunderstood in many parts of the body of Christ.   Because of what we have seen unfolding in the past few months and years, it is clear that we are in the midst of a battle Royal with the Enemy. He has been losing ground, and is doing everything in his power to fight against what God is doing in the earth today. He has opposed (and continues to oppose) any and all believers whose very existence threatens his domain. He knows that his days are numbered and that he is on the losing side.

22 02, 2019

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: The Strait Gate, Part 3

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Let’s see if we can wrap this up today. I know that some of what I’ve shared may have stepped on some folks’ religious understanding and/or doctrines, but this revelation is critical for this particular time. Jesus is coming for an overcoming Bride – and folks, we have a lot of overcoming in front of us. Never have we had such a nation divided! Never have we had such full-blown demonic activity on display. Never have we in America seen such efforts of the Enemy to destroy every vestige of our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is time for us to overcome all of this and to take our places of responsibility in this hour!